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Economic Impact Award Chamber of Commerce to The Stacy Adams Cultural Arts Building

The Stacy Adams Cultural Arts Building opened in 2015. Stacy Adams houses a wide variety of tenants, from musicians, artists, dancers, photographers, clubs, designers, entrepreneurs, and much more. The Stacy Adams cultivates creativity and promotes entrepreneurship. This building is a COMMUNITY of like minded individuals.

For new business owners, there are events and programs that the Stacy Adams holds for their tenants to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills, and provide the community with a positive artistic outlet. 

The Stacy Adams building was originally a shoe making factory in Brockton MA. That is where the name of the building comes from, the Stacy Adam's Shoe & Company. Brockton was a place of industry and business in the early 1900's. After the factory shut down, the building was unsafe and under little supervision. That is when the Stacy Adams Cultural Arts came in to give the building an opportunity to be a beacon for the community in many different ways with 24 hour security to allow tenants peace of mind.

Brockton Shoe Industry History
Stacy Adams Shoe Ad
One of the Old Stacy Adams Shoe Company Buildings
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